Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Girl on the Left

The girl on the left hates herself. 

Every time she walks into a room, she looks around to confirm she's the fattest girl there.
Every time she looks in a mirror, she's unhappy.
She takes forever to get ready until she settles for 'good as it's gonna get.'
She has never been called beautiful, and she wouldn't believe anyone who told her she was. 
She's never been bullied, but she beats herself up enough for everyone.
She does not believe anyone could love her, but how could she, when she doesn't love herself.

The girl on the left became the girl on the right.

The girl on the right weighs less.
She's been called beautiful, and sometimes has even believed it.
She's been kissed, been held, been known.
She still thinks she's fat, still wonders if anyone could look past what she's been through, what's happened to her, the mistakes she's made.
But she knows that she's loved, if not by anyone other than her Creator, Who laid this path for her because He knew she could walk it, and would put people on the road to share the journey with.
So even though she won't call the girl on the left her "Before" or the picture on the right her "After," she's making progress that can't be measured side by side, but only in how close she is to loving herself.

And my God, she's on her way.

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