Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Time to Put on Some Pants

So here's the sad truth. The mea culpa. The confession:

If last semester you did not a) live in Mill South 207 or b) attend CAC meetings...

We probably did not hang out.

Which is terrible! I promise, I have more than like the 10 friends who I saw on any kind of regular basis last semester. See, you're reading this, and there's like a 60% you're not one of my roommates. But I got lazy last fall. It was just too easy to come home and not leave, cause when you live with your best friends you lose motivation to get out at all because that involves a) putting on pants and b) making plans. Whereas I was loved and happy right where I was on my couch with my pants off and my best friend making me brownies. Yum.

But anyway. I have resolved to make a concerted effort next semester to get out more and be social. Obviously I'll always have my friends to come home to, but I suspect these other friendships would be just as strong if I put in the effort and spent some time with them. 

It's time to put on some pants.

Love, Chris

PS plz hang out with me I can be fun when I'm not binge watching the West Wing

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