Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For her, in honor of him

Today is the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death. I knew I wanted to commemorate this somehow. I thought about just linking up to the post I wrote at this time last year. I thought about doing a "Year in Review" type post of the joys and blessings that the Fontaine family saw in this first year without him, with 2 additional grandchildren and a wedding.

But I think I want to do something else. In honor of the anniversary of Papa's death, I want to honor the person he loved the most- my grandmother.

I brag about Grandma Lu all the time. She is without question, the greatest lady I have ever known. She's also the last person who would ever say that about herself. She gives and gives to our family and we all love her so dearly. I'm so jealous of my cousins that live closer to her and got to spend so much more of their childhood with her.

Grandma Lu is strong and brave. She's funny and kind. She's unassuming and generous. I love her so much. I love that she has Facebook and an iPad which she knows full well how to use and now even an iPhone. I love how when you talk with her on the phone you'll hang up about 20 minutes after she's said goodbye for the first time. I love how she takes care of her grandkids.

I love that all this came from her and Papa.

5 kids, with 5 spouses, from whom came 14 grandchildren, and 2 of their spouses = 26 people who are all part of something that began over fifty years ago when a boy named Bob met a girl named Lu.

I am so proud to be your granddaughter. I miss Papa all the time, but I'm so looking forward to the years I still get to have with you.

Love, Chris

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