Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Vienna Facebook album

If you take away the nightmare experiences of getting to Vienna and getting back from Vienna, both of which included delayed flights, missed busses, and near emotional breakdowns (okay, full-on breakdowns)... then I can honestly say that the 2 and a half days I spent in Vienna were a great experience.

My friend Cait and I took this last trip of the semester together. Cait is a girl I met here in Rome and who I traveled with over spring break, and actually someone I'm going to be living with next year! She's a great friend and we had a blast together.

We got to Vienna late on Friday night. We had all day Saturday and Sunday, and part of Monday in Vienna before our flight back to Rome. During that time, we saw 2 palaces, ate some schnitzel and strudel, and explored Vienna. We saw churches and parks and reveled in being a city that is so totally not Italian. I, for one, am so beyond ready to be back in the US, especially now after what happened in Boston on Monday, so it was nice to have a break from Italy and experience a city that was so different.

Everything in Vienna is closed on Sunday. The city has quiet hours every day from 10pm-9am. There isn't the claustrophobic hustle and bustle of Rome. There are no nagging street vendors. It's clean. Most people don't speak English. They eat meals at normal times. It was awesome.

It was just a little hard to ease into the routine of Vienna, because since we're now in our last week of classes, we have a ton of work and papers to do and finals exams to prepare for, so it was a little overwhelming to be away when we had so much to do.

I have my last class of the semester tomorrow, and then the following days will be filled with writing final papers, preparing for final exams, packing, and getting ready to say goodbye to Rome.

I'm sure by this time next week, when more of my assignments have been completed and I'm a little less stressed, I'll feel some more sadness about my time in Rome coming to an end, but right now I'm just really antsy to be back in the US. It's been a long time, and a lot has happened, and I'm just ready to come home.

Back to writing papers...

Love, Chris

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