Monday, March 25, 2013

Francis of Assisi and Pickpockets of Colosseo

It's been a while, friends! And that's because....

The family is here!

My wonderful family kind of took "Chris is studying in Rome" as "excuse to take a vacation to Rome." And I mean that in the kindest way possible, especially because they brought me peanut butter and Dr Pepper. But really, it has been so, so wonderful to have them here. My parents arrived on Wednesday, and the rest of the fam (my Auntie Ann, my Auntie Claire, and my Uncle Jonathan and their kids Isaac (14) and Abigail (11) who are on spring break) got in on Friday. We've had a great time. Everyone will be here until this Saturday.

On Saturday, we went to Assisi! What a beautiful place, especially in light of our new Pope's name. We learned a lot about the life and work of St Francis during our time there, and I think I love Pope Francis even more now after learning so much about the saint he hopes to emulate in some way during his papacy. It was a program offered trip, so DDV showed us around and explained a lot, which was extremely helpful. A few of my good friends were also there, so it was great to be able to spend some time with them and my family, and we had a great meal together.

I definitely recommend getting to Assisi for a day or two if you ever have the chance. 

However, I do not recommend failing to keep your hand on your bag while getting off the insanely crowded Colosseo metro stop on a Sunday.

Because that is precisely how I found myself minus one wallet containing 50 euro, my ID, my metro card, my debit card, and a shred of my dignity. 

Yup. Guess who got pickpocketed. Not the tourists visiting for a week, but the kid who actually lives here that they were visiting. All in all, it could've been so much worse. I realized that it had happened pretty much as soon as the metro doors shut behind me, and we had my card cancelled within 20 minutes, with a new one that should be here by the end of the week. My metro card is a monthly pass that's provided by the school, so I'll get a new one for April next week, and since I filled out a police report, I didn't have to pay to get my ID card replaced. And as for my 50 euro, I'm choosing to believe that the guy who took it donated it to charity.

Tomorrow I'll be taking the fam to my favorite gelato place, Frigidarium, and on Thursday, I'll be posting a song on here by one of my favorite bands that is perfect to reflect and meditate on during Holy Week that is especially fitting for Holy Thursday. So do check back here for that.

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone.

"Well, all I can say is that I hope he has a lousy day! No! I take it back! A lousy WEEK!" -Joan Fontaine, on the guy that has my 50 euro

Love, Chris

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