Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Month In...

One month ago today I landed in Rome!

It's hard to believe. This weekend I yet again got to experience "coming home" to Rome. Last weekend was my first time leaving, as I returned from Venice. This weekend I went on a couple day trips to towns outside Roma. Yesterday I went to Tivoli with Eva-Maria and Paul.  We were lucky that the bad weather held off as we viewed the town's main attraction, the Villa D'Este.

It had some beautiful gardens, and the view of the Italian countryside was amazing.

I also developed a slight obsession with tile...

Today, Cait, Caitlin, Eva-Maria, and I went to Caserta. We had a train out of Rome at 8:15, and pulled in at 10:30, which gave us enough time to pick up tickets for the town's main attraction, a Versailles-like castle, and then head into town to find an 11:30 mass we had looked up. 

Today, however, we were not so lucky with the weather :( It was forecasted to be sunny with a mere 20% chance of rain. My soaking wet shoes and broken umbrella due to the high winds would beg to disagree with this assessment. 

I'm not gonna lie, the damp weather definitely brought down our spirits.  After the Mass, which was, of course, celebrated in Italian (At some point I'll have a post about my thoughts on going to Mass in Italian) we worked our way back toward the castle, with hopes of finding a place to eat lunch on the way. This search was somewhat unsuccessful. Most places in Rome are even closed on Sunday, so it's not surprising that in this little town, we only found one cafe open.

Language barriers are a funny thing (as in not fun at all in the moment, and pretty amusing in hindsight). We were given menus, which we ordered drinks from. We picked out sandwiches from the menu- and then were told that the chef was not in, thus we couldn't order any actual food from the menu. We attempted to explain that we would just have our drinks, then, and find somewhere else to grab food. It wasn't clear until about 15 minutes later that despite what we had thought we said, apparently we had ordered food- when a platter of various counter snacks, was served to us, cold. It ended up being a happy accident, despite the fact that all of the food was meant to be served hot - a slice of lasagna, 2 mini hamburger patties, some potato slices, etc, since we never did happen on any other places that were open.

The rain was still torrential and the wind was cutting through us, but we made our way to the castle.

Every room was incredibly ornate. We also made a heroic effort to get out to see the gardens, during which my umbrella broke and I found out that not only is it possible for Sperry's to take on water, it's also possible for them to gush it out with every step. I don't think I've ever been so cold in my life. I was actually having trouble forming some words at one point, I think because my top lip was so freezing cold. Yikes. 

Our return train was scheduled for 19:58 (7:58pm). When we finished going through the castle, it was approximately 3:15pm. There was no way we were staying sodden for another 4 hours, so we went to the train station and managed to change our train to the one that was leaving for Rome at 4:00 (19 euros later). 

Needless to say, I am very happy to be home in Rome!

"I didn't know it was possible to lose all feeling in your feet and still walk!" - Caitlin

Love, Chris

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