Sunday, January 13, 2013

When lost for words, use someone else's

(To be clear, I am not sanctioning plagiarism)

What I mean is that I have a slight obsession with quotes.

My obsession has led to quite the accumulation of other people's words. I have quotes on my walls, on my mirror, on my closet door, in notes on my phone, and plastered on the background of my computer.

If, like me, you find inspiration from those who have been where you've been, or gone through what you're going through, or are just simply better people than you are, then you might enjoy the addition I'll be featuring in all future blog posts.

I'll be ending each post with one. Perhaps with a reflection on what it means to me, how I happened on it, or just letting it speak for itself.

I hope you like them!

"When folks ask me about intercession of the saints, I like saying this: In prayer, we always go to Jesus. Sometimes, we bring friends with us." -Cardinal Dolan

Please continue to pray for my family, and especially to St. Joseph (patron saint of a peaceful death) for my grandfather.

Love, Chris

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  1. I do like your quotes! Your grandfather is in my thoughts/prayers as is the rest of your family.