Monday, January 7, 2013

Epiphany Mass with Pope Benedict XVI

Well, I can cross off "Mass with the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica" off my bucket list! Last Sunday, for Epiphany, CUA got us tickets to the papal mass (tickets are free to the public, you just need to reserve them from the bishops office). Mass was at 9am, and the gates into the basilica open at 7:30, so in order to be near the front, we left the hotel a little after 7 and were standing outside at 7:30. There was a pretty big crowd already, but the line moved quickly, and after 3 security checkpoints, we were in!

It was quite an experience. Full disclosure... I fell asleep a few times

Reasons for why this is understandable:

  • Jet lag / I'd been up since 7 and hadn't been sleeping well
  • THE ENTIRE THING WAS IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE (I knew this going in, but still)

Seriously though, I'm so glad I got to go and experience it. It was incredible to actually see the Pope in person. Unreal.

The Homily (in English)

If you don't have time to read the whole thing, this was my favorite part (After reading the translation the next day, of course):
"Human beings have an innate restlessness for God, but this restlessness is a participation in God's own restlessness for us. Since God is concerned about us, He follows us even to the crib, even to the Cross."

Another post to come soon about Orientation and life in Rome!

Love, Chris


  1. What do you mean you're not fluent yet in Italian yet? I almost fell asleep a few times at the Hebrew service we went to for Isaac since I didn't understand the language.... Could have been VERY embarrassing!

  2. Haha I also didn't mention that mass was 3 hours long! In all honesty, it truly was a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity...and that was plenty ;)

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  4. I know the feeling - I fell asleep when I went to a papal mass in Rome about four years ago. It's hard trying to pay attention when you don't understand a thing! When I woke up, I accidentally dropped a bunch of my Euro coins on the ground during a moment of quiet prayer... Talk about embarrassing.